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Kyushukeisokki DisLINE

Kyushukeisokki DisLINE

When evaluating HD-PLC performance, the reference data and sample data need to be compared and measured in a highly reproducible evaluation environment. The measurement environment must be such that the same result can be obtained “no matter who or where”. The evaluation environment device “DisLINE” used in the HD-PLC test house realizes an environment for evaluating purely HD-PLC signals.

The attenuation of the transmission line can be switched between 0dB and 85dB in 10dB or 1dB steps.


Item Specification
Frequency Band 2MHz - 28MHz
Supply Voltage  AC100V To AC240V
Temperature 10℃ To 40℃
Attenuation 0dB To 85dB (10dB/1dB Step)

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