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MinebeaMitsumi DRT-J550

MinebeaMitsumi DRT-J550

This is a module equipped with 3rd generation LSI, which realizes a high data rate (Maximum PHY rate: 250Mbps) and low power consumption. It has the function of “HD-PLC Complete”. Modulation including analog parts makes it easier to be built into a variety of equipment. Besides, since this is pin-compatible with a 2nd generation module, it can be replaced smoothly.


Item Specification
Type HD-PLC3 Complete
Frequency Band 2MHz - 28MHz
Size 70mm * 30mm, Height 8.4mm
Interface Ethernet
Supply Voltage 10.5V, 3.3V, 1.2V
Communication Speed  [UDP] Max. 95Mbps, [TCP] Max. 70Mbps
Power Consumption About 1.3W (0.9W On Standby Mode)
Max Connections To One Master 128 Terminals

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