2. Introduction to Nessum What is Nessum?

Introduction To Nessum - What Is "Nessum"?


Nessum is compatible with the international standard IEEE 1901 series and is capable of long-range wired communication and near-field high-speed wireless communication using any media such as wired, wireless, and underwater. Furthermore, hybrid communication between wired and wireless can be achieved with a single device.

With Nessum WIRE for wired communication and Nessum AIR for near-field wireless communication, this technology will solve various problems in network construction and realize an IoT society where everything is connected.

What is Nessum WIRE?

Nessum WIRE

Transform any existing wires into communication lines

There is wiring used for various purposes inside and outside buildings, such as dedicated lines, coaxial lines, and power lines.
Nessum WIRE allows these existing wiring to be used as is for communication. There is no need for new wiring of communication cables, making it possible to construct a network in a short construction period and at a low cost.


Technical features of Nessum WIRE

long distance

Communication can be established over a few km

Even in large facilities such as buildings and factories, as well as with smart meters, the multi-hop technology that relays multiple subunits enables communication over a few km*.

*The communication distance varies by use environment.

shielded spaces

Connection is possible even in areas
where wireless communication is difficult

In confined spaces such as tunnels and underground facilities, it is often difficult to receive wireless signals. Nessum WIRE uses existing lines and enables communication even in these locations.

simple and low cost

A network can be built at a lower cost

The use of existing wiring (dedicated and power lines) saves the trouble of installing a new LAN cable. This will shorten the construction period and enable the establishment of a low-cost network.

speed up

Mbps-based high-speed communication is possible

In preparation for the IoT era, there is a need to accelerate lines of communication such as RS485 Modbus, low-speed PLC, and HBS (IEBus). The introduction of Nessum WIRE will enable Mbps-based high-speed communication without changing these communication lines.

high security

Available in areas where wireless
communication is prohibited

High security is ensured by establishing a physical wired connection, encrypting transmitted data, and completing optimal cryptographic modulation within 30 seconds. This will mitigate the risks of information leakages and cyberattacks. A network can be built in facilities where wireless communication is prohibited due to security issues.

reduction of lines

The risk of disconnection can be
mitigated and inspections simplified

By consolidating multiple control and signal lines, the number of wires can be reduced. This will mitigate the risk of disconnection, decrease the failure rate, reduce weight, reduce the manufacturing lead time, and shorten the duration of routine inspections for elevators, etc.

What is Nessum AIR?

Nessum AIR

Enhance the communication speed while maintaining precise control of the communication range

In the case of e-mobility power management systems, multiple vehicles are placed in close proximity, which can lead to false vehicle detection and security issues due to radio wave interference.
Nessum AIR enables high-speed communication while accurately limiting the communication range by adjusting the transmission power and antenna size and shape. It also reduces radio wave interference with neighboring devices and achieves high security.


Technical features of Nessum AIR

high security

The communication distance can be controlled
between a few and 100cm​

By controlling the transmission distance based on the transmission power and the antenna size/shape, the communication range can be controlled at an interval of a few to 100cm, creating a communication environment free from interference for a variety of settings.

reduction of lines

Data communication at speeds
of up to 1 Gbps is possible

The high-frequency efficiency Wavelet-OFDM improves the communication speed. The maximum speed is 1 Gbps* which can transmit low latency video streaming.

* This is the standard's theoretical value. The maximum supported speed varies depending on the product.

Hybrid wired and wireless communication

Nessum uses the same technology for wired and wireless communications, making it easy to create hybrid configurations. Since both can be covered with one communication device, it can be realized at a low cost.

As an example, if we assume that factories will become smarter, by using existing twisted pair wires and power lines and building a network with Nessum WIRE, it will be possible to control equipment, collect operational data, and remotely monitor with network cameras. In addition, by connecting the transfer robots (AGV) moving within the factory and the charging dock with Nessum AIR, and connecting the charging dockside to the core network via Nessum WIRE, charging control and positioning detection of a large number of transfer robots will be possible.

This technology is expected to be widely used through wired and wireless hybrid networks.

Application fields of Nessum

Smart Home

Smart Home

Nessum WIRE, which enables communication using existing wiring, can network HEMS as well as a growing number of home IoT devices, contributing to comfortable living and greater energy consumption efficiency.

Smart Building

Smart Building

Nessum WIRE, which enables communication using existing wiring, can network any type of equipment, including elevators, HVAC, and surveillance camera systems, thereby contributing to total building management.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Nessum WIRE enables long-distance communication to build smart grids using renewable energy such as wind and solar. This will contribute to the establishment of smart operations for energy supply and demand within communities.

Smart Industry

Smart Industry

Frontline operations, including factories, underwater sites, and underground tunnels, where communication was deemed difficult, can now be networked through Nessum WIRE/AIR, thereby contributing to productivity and safety improvements.

Smart City & Mobility

Smart City & Mobility

The use of Nessum WIRE/AIR enables the networking of a variety of road infrastructures such as street lights, traffic lights, and guardrails, which will contribute to safe and smooth road traffic.


Nessum Products

Nessum Products can be divided into two categories:

  • Products for developers of communication devices equipped with Nessum
  • Products for end users building networks in the field

Products for developers of communication devices equipped with Nessum
  • Chipset: For those involved in the design and development of communication modules, communication equipment, and industrial equipment
  • Module: For those involved in the design and development of communication equipment and industrial equipment
  • Evaluation kit: For those involved in technology evaluation and verification and product design and development
  • IP core: For those involved in semiconductor development

The evaluation kit includes a performance verification board, reference circuit, source code, etc.
IP cores include Nessum communications PHY/MAC, and firmware (including sample applications).

Products for end users building networks in the field
  • Adapter: For those who want to use it immediately on-site

There are adapters that are compatible with various types of cables, such as twisted pair wires, coaxial wires, and power lines. It also has input/output ports that can be connected to various devices such as Ethernet and RS485.
In addition to the above, there are also measuring instruments and jigs that are useful for design development and on-site installation.

Key facts to remember

  • Nessum is capable of long-distance wired communication and short-distance high-speed wireless communication using various communication media such as wired, wireless, and underwater. Furthermore, hybrid communication between wired and wireless can be achieved with a single device.
  • Nessum WIRE (wired) can update various types of existing lines to communication lines, and Nessum AIR (wireless) can improve communication speed while accurately controlling communication range.
  • By using Nessum, it is possible to build a secure large-scale network at a low cost without the need for new wiring. We will make various places smarter and expand prosperous lifestyles and industry to every corner of the world.

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