2. Application Form

Application Form

Nessum Alliance
Membership Application

By providing the information below, companies consent to the articles stipulated in the Alliance Rules and promises to adhere to them as a member and support the purpose and activities of the Nessum Alliance.

It's required to submit the information of two (2) company representatives.

Nessum Alliance Office

C/O Panasonic Holdings Corporation
4-1-62 Minoshima, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka-City,
Fukuoka, 812-8531 Japan

mail: info@nessum.org


  • The Alliance Application is a temporary application. After membership has been confirmed, the company name, address, divisions, titles, names and contact information supplied in this application will be used for activities relating to the Alliance, including communication regarding plenary meetings, and the creation and distribution of participant members lists.
  • The items included in the participant members list are company name, address, divisions, job titles, participants’ names, telephone and e-mail addresses, and the lists will be distributed by printed document, or posted to a password protected web site accessible only to members of the Alliance.

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