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LVX Global iPC-HD

LVX Global iPC-HD

Developed for the use in street lighting and lighting in the vicinity of buildings, the iPC-HD operates with a standardized high-definition powerline for communication purposes and enables control of electronic operating devices fitted with a 1–10 V, PWM or DALI interface and the usage of devices with ethernet-connector via TCP/UDP/IP, like CCTVs, voice guidance systems, emergency products, advertising panels, support for WiFi access points, etc. Individually programmable and updateable, the controller provides all the functions of a modern light management system and thus ensures a high degree of investment protection. It offers a wide range of Smart City applications for the future.


Item Specification
Type HD-PLC3 Multi-Hop
Frequency Band 2MHz - 28MHz
Data Transfer (USA) ANSI/CTA 709.1, ANSI/CTA 709.8
Data Transfer (Europe) EN 14908-1, EN 14908-8
IP IPv4/IPv6
Supply Voltage AC85V To AC305V
Communication Speed  [PHY] Max. 240Mbps
Temperature -25℃ To 70℃
Max Connections To One Master 1024 Terminals

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