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Panasonic PLC Plug

Panasonic PLC Plug

This is a plug for HD-PLC communication using JIS-compliant wiring ducts (fact-line, shop-line). DH2640W is a model for use on a fact-line, and DHM2240W is a model for use on a shop-line. Since it is easy to build a network, it is possible to flexibly deal with changes in the layout of factories and stores. These also support PoE (IEEE 802.3af), so you can connect and use a PoE camera.

It has the function of “HD-PLC Multi-hop”. It is limited to use in Japan, and for indoor use only.



Item Specification
Type HD-PLC3 Multi-Hop
Frequency Band 2MHz - 28MHz
Interface Ethernet (PoE)
IP IPv4/IPv6
Supply Voltage  AC100V
Communication Speed  [UDP] Max. 35Mbps
Temperature -10℃ To 40℃
Max Connections To One Master 1024 Terminals

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