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Explore Clouder CR600 | HD-PLC

Clouder CR600

CR600 is a high-performance MCU with broadband Power Line Communication. It has PLC MAC/PHY built-in whose speed is up to 240Mbps. It is designed to connect a wide range of home network devices in a flexible manner using existing residential electrical wiring and its capabilities include transmission of high-definition video and other broadband content. It can be used as a PLC/Ethernet transparent transmission bridge with high-quality QoS support, and also can be used as an Application Processor to handle different sensor/control/IoT applications.


Item Specification
Frequency Band 2MHz - 28MHz
Size 16mm * 16mm
Memory (SRAM) 256KB
System Clock 125MHz
Interface GPIO, UART, MII/RMII, Etc.
Package LQFP-100

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