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Nessum IP Core

Panasonic Nessum IP Core

Nessum IP core is IEEE 1901-2020 standard compliant and enables high-speed data transmission using existing metal cables, such as control lines, coaxial cables, and power lines.
Nessum technology is called Flexible Channel Wavelet (FCW). Based on the standard mode compatible with Nessum, in the long-range mode, the bandwidth is divided into two or four channels by reducing the subcarrier spacing. It can achieve a 10km communication distance by combination with “Nessum Multi-hop”. On the other hand, in the high-speed mode, the bandwidth is 2 times or 4times by increasing the subcarrier spacing. It can achieve a maximum 1Gbps communication speed in the physical layer.
It is possible to switch between long-range mode and high-speed mode flexibly and it enables users to select the optimal mode according to transmission characteristics.


Item Specification
Type Nessum Complete/Multi-Hop
Frequency Band 2MHz - 100MHz
High-Speed Mode -
4 Times Bandwidth [PHY] Max. 1Gbps *Optional
2 Times Bandwidth [PHY] Max. 500Mbps *Optional
Standard Mode -
HD-PLC3 Compatible [PHY] Max. 250Mbps
Long-Range Mode -
Half Bandwidth About 1.5 Times Longer Than Standard Mode
Quarter Bandwidth About 2 Times Longer Than Standard Mode

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