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Shikino High-Tech P-TMFSU-031

Shikino High-Tech P-TMFSU-031

This is a module that enables high-speed data communication using existing wiring such as power lines. It has the functions both of “HD-PLC Complete” and “HD-PLC Multi-hop”. The multi-hop function can expand the communication distance by relaying multiple PLC modules. With this function, it can be introduced in a variety of scenes, including factories, buildings, and construction sites where long-range communication is required.

The module shape is compact and can accommodate multiple wire shapes, it can be easily embedded into high-speed communication equipment that uses existing wiring.


Item Specification
Type HD-PLC3 Complete/Multi-Hop
Frequency Band 2MHz - 28MHz
Size 40mm * 20mm, Height 5.9mm
Interface Ethernet, RS485
Supply Voltage 12V, 3.3V, 1.2V
Communication Speed (Complete) [UDP] Max. 95Mbps, [TCP] Max. 70Mbps
Communication Speed  (Multi-Hop) [UDP] Max. 35Mbps, [TCP] Max. 25Mbps
Power Consumption Max. 1.3W
Max Connections To One Master [Complete] 128 Terminals, [Multi-Hop] 1024 Terminals

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