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Nessum Alliance
Certification Program

Certification Benefits

Certified product is interoperable
and compatible with other Nessum products.

Certified product can support and
follow the performance guidelines
set by Nessum Alliance, and
provides end-users with confidence
that it is reliable and compliant with
the Nessum specification.

Your company and products are
established as an official part of the
global Nessum brand, which can
help you find new business
opportunities and partnerships.

You can get many benefits by taking advantage of the Nessum
Alliance certification program. Members of the Alliance can find
details of the certification program here.

Certification Process Overview

This section provides an overview of the standard Nessum Alliance
Certification Process. Please review the Flowchart below:

Certification Benefits

HD-PLC Certification Test

Nessum Certification Test

The Alliance Authorized Test Lab
As of 2023, Panasonic Holdings Corporation can perform testing and certification services for the Nessum Alliance Certification Program. Panasonic owns a Test Lab in Japan, where all tests are performed. Applicants need to contact the Nessum Alliance directly to arrange to test for the certification program.

Nessum Alliance Office

4-1-62 Minoshima, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka-City, Fukuoka, 812-8531 Japan

Nessum Connectivity Verification Test

The testing process consists of three sub-tests:

The Mutual Connectivity Test

The Mutual
Connectivity Test

The Communication Performance Test

The Communication
Performance Test

The Coexistence Verification Test

The Coexistence
Verification Test

To apply for verification testing, you must:

  • Declare that your product complies with regulations in the jurisdiction where this product will be sold.
  • Gather the necessary documentation that includes the Test Order and Web Content Consent forms, as well as the instruction manual for your device.
  • Apply for the verification test with the formal Application Form while entering the Basic Service.

Nessum Connectivity Verification Test

The fee to test Nessum products for certification is paid directly by vendors to Panasonic. Please contact the Nessum Alliance for a testing quote.

Nessum Certification Program FAQ


Do I need to be a member of the Nessum Alliance in order to certify my
Nessum products?


Yes, product manufacturers have to be a member of the Nessum Alliance in order to certify their products.
Only members can use the Nessum compatibility certification logo.


What is the procedure for becoming a member of the Nessum Alliance?


You can become a member of the Nessum Alliance by submitting an application from the Application Form.
You can confirm the Alliance Rules and contact us from the Form if you have any inquiries.


What kind of products can be certified?


The Nessum Alliance Certification Program applies to products that embed certified chipsets and that combine the features below.
– Hop method: Single-hop / Multi-hop
– Communication medium: Power Line / Communication Line / Air
– Communication setup: Easy-setup / Automatic-setup


How long does it take to run the Nessum Connectivity Verification Test?


The expected time and cost to certify are mainly determined by the time needed for the Certification tests and reviewing
documents for Certification by the Authorized Test Lab.

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