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Introduction To Nessum WIRE

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Introduction To Nessum WIRE

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What Is Nessum WIRE?

Transform any existing wires into communication lines

Nessum WIRE is the wired communication technology that solves various problems in network construction and realizes an IoT society where everything is connected.
There is wiring used for various purposes inside and outside buildings, such as power lines, dedicated lines, coaxial lines, and twisted pair lines. Nessum WIRE allows these existing wiring to be used as is for communication. There is no need for new wiring of communication cables, making it possible to construct networks in a short construction period and at a low cost.
In addition, this technology supports any network configurations, e.g., daisy chain, tree, and star connections, and it can convert traditional non-IP networks to IP networks.

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Technical Features Of Nessum WIRE

long distance

Communication can be established
over a few km

Even in large facilities such as buildings and factories, as well as with smart meters, the multi-hop technology that relays multiple terminals enables communication over a few km.

shielded spaces

Connection is possible even in areas
where wireless communication is difficult

In confined spaces such as tunnels and underground facilities, it is often difficult to receive wireless signals. Nessum WIRE uses existing lines and enables communication even in these locations.

simple and low cost

A network can be built at a lower cost

The use of existing wiring (dedicated and power lines) saves the trouble of installing a new LAN cable. This will shorten the construction period and enable the establishment of a low-cost network.

speed up

High-speed communication is possible

There is a need to speed up communication such as RS485 Modbus, low-speed PLC, and HBS (IEBus). The introduction of Nessum WIRE will enable Mbps-based communication without changing these existing lines.

high security

Available in areas where wireless
communication is prohibited

High security is ensured by establishing a physical wired connection, encrypting transmitted data, and completing optimal cryptographic modulation. A network can be built in facilities where wireless is prohibited due to security issues.

reduction of lines

The risk of disconnection can be
mitigated and inspections simplified

By consolidating multiple control and signal lines, the number of wires can be reduced. This mitigates the risk of disconnection and contributes to decreasing the failure rate, reducing weight, reducing the manufacturing lead time, etc.

Main Technical Specifications And Features

The main technical specifications and functions of Nessum WIRE are shown in the Table below.

  Nessum WIRE
Frequency band(*1) 0.06 - 122 [MHz](*2)
Maximum PHY rate(*3) 1 [Gbps]
(4 times mode)
Features(*4) Maximum connectable nodes: 1024
Maximum number of hops: 10
Channel: x-1 to x-27
Multilevel modulation: 2PAM to 32PAM
Error Correction
Dynamic Notch for CENELEC
Standard IEEE 1901-2020
IEEE 1901c(*5)
ITU-T G.9905

*1: The communication band depends on the channel used.
*2: The frequency range is limited between 1.8 MHz and 100 MHz for transmission on power lines in the IEEE 1901 series.
*3: The effective speed depends on the transmission channel characteristics, the channel used, etc.
*4: Supported functions depend on the product.
*5: Approved by IEEE SA Standards Board in February 2024.

Case Study And Application

Nessum WIRE is used in various IoT applications, you can get some of the case studies.


  • Application Guide
    The fastest and most cost-effective way to upgrade your HVAC system over the same control lines you’re using today.
    Download HERE.

[Smart Industry]

  • Case Studies (collection of cases)
    Nessum WIRE has been used in various industrial networks, e.g., Plants, Warehouses, and Tunnels.
    Download HERE.

[Smart Meter]

  • Case Study #1
    Nessum WIRE was utilized to overcome narrowband PLC such as G3-PLC/PRIME challenges for Smart Grid.
    Download HERE.

  • Case Study #2
    For smart meters in apartment buildings, wireless was costly and difficult to deploy, and existing powerline solutions were too slow to meet the performance. The answer was Nessum WIRE.
    Download HERE.

[Smart Street Light]

  • Case Study #1
    Nessum WIRE has been used in street light control in Europe and it achieves longer-range performance with the latest Gen4 technology.
    Download HERE.

  • Case Study #2
    Nessum WIRE avoided the installation and maintenance issues that plague Zigbee solutions for smart street lighting.
    Download HERE.

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