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Case Study – Smart Building

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Case Study – Smart Building


Network construction for data transmission in the elevator system


A retrofitted HD-PLC adapter (Ethernet-Over-Coaxial converter) enables high-speed data transmission and no new cables


Reduction of network construction and operation costs

The social issue in the background

Incidents in elevators occurred frequently in China, which became a social issue. Therefore, Chinese authorities have legislated the installation of surveillance cameras in elevators and strengthened surveillance and public security information notification. 

The issue for new cable installation

When one company tried to install a camera for surveillance and/or digital signage for information notification in the elevator, they needed to install new ethernet cables for data transmission because the elevator was surrounded by metal walls and the wireless communication system could not be used.

The work required a lot of cost and man-hours, and there was a concern that the increase in wiring may cause trouble in the existing system or increase the man-hours for maintenance after installation.

HD-PLC achieved both cost reduction and high-speed data transmission

This issue was solved by the Ethernet-Over-Coaxial (EOC) converter with HD-PLC technology. By using EOC, the coaxial line included in the existing traveling cable was able to be used for data transmission, and as a result, the network construction and operation costs were reduced.

Furthermore, since the coaxial line has less attenuation and noise that cause deterioration of communication quality, high-speed communication made it possible to transmit a clear camera video.

In the future, even if devices such as sensors increase in the elevator, new wiring for data transmission will not be required.


Ready to build your own HD-PLC network?

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