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[Archive] Alliance Press Release

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[Archive] Alliance Press Release

Alliance Press Release


Oct.04,2023 HD-PLC Alliance" is renamed "Nessum Alliance" as it enters a New Era of Wired and Wireless (Any Media) IoT Communication Applications!
Sep.08,2023 HD-PLC Alliance Promotes International Standardization Technology Draft 1.0 of Next-Generation Communication Standards Approved by IEEE P1901c Working Group!
Sep.07,2023 Panasonic Holdings' Technology Approved as a Technology Draft Standard for IEEE's Next-generation Communication Standard
Jan.16,2023 HD-PLC Alliance leads world's first communication technology capable of wired, wireless, and underwater communication through a single device!


Nov.28,2022 Panasonic Holdings' Technology Adopted as Baseline Specification of IEEE's Next-generation Communication Standard for Use on Any Media
May.31,2022 Socionext Announces Shipment Of The World’s First HD-PLC LSI Compliant With IEEE 1901-2020
Jan.11,2022 HD-PLC Technology With Enhanced Authentication Adopted As IEEE 1901b Standard


Dec.03,2021 Shikino High-Tech And Socionext Prototype Communication Module Compliant With HD-PLC Fourth-Generation Standard IEEE1901-2020
Nov.10,2021 Panasonic Develops World's First Near Field Communication Technology Using Wavelet OFDM
Mar.16,2021 HD-PLC Alliance Endorsed IEEE 1901-2020 As The Next Generation HD-PLC™ Standard
Mar.16,2021 Licensing IP Core For Semiconductors Complying With The IEEE 1901–2020 International Standard
Mar.09,2021 Socionext Agrees With MIRAIT, MMD, And Nuri Telecom On Next-Generation Long-Distance Power Line Communications For Verification And Social Implementation
Mar.08,2021 HD-PLC Alliance Develops Its Global Activities In High-Speed Power Line Communications And High-Speed Wired Communications


Nov.25,2020 Enhancing The HD-PLC™ Security Functions
Feb.27,2020 HD-PLC Compatible LonMark Standard approved by American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
Jan.20,2020 HD-PLC Innovates IoT world


Mar.25,2019 Panasonic's Next-generation HD-PLC®1, BPL Communication Technology Adopted as IEEE 1901a Standard


Oct.12,2018 Adoption of HD-PLC as a new high-speed PLC communication technology for smart meters is accelerating!
Sep.25,2018 Panasonic's Multi-hop HD-PLC Adopted as Smart Meter Communications System by Taiwan Power Company
Jun.29,2018 Panasonic Next-Generation PLC Technology Approved as Baseline Specification by IEEE P1901.3 Working Group


Sep.20,2017 Panasonic to Showcase Its Solutions for "A Better Life, A Better World" at CEATEC JAPAN 2017


Sep.27,2016 HD-PLC Engaged in Smart IoT Era New Challenges HD-PLC holds a seminar event at CEATEC 201
Sep.20,2016 Panasonic to Showcase New Lifestyles and Businesses in IoT Era at CEATEC JAPAN 2016
Jul.01,2016 Panasonic starts to provide HD-PLC IP core license with "Multi-hop" extension


Oct.29,2014 Panasonic to Commence Licensing Unified IP Core for HD-PLC


May.15,2013 HD-PLC supports IEEE 1905.1 aggregations Network
Mar.06,2013 HD-PLC IEEE 1901 and its coexistence protocol are now a part of NIST SGIP Smart Grid Catalog of Standards
Mar.05,2013 Panasonic Starts Broadband Over Powerline Communication Technology Verification Service Based on US Smart Grid Standard


Nov.28,2012 Panasonic's Embedded Powerline Communication Technology for Home Appliances Ready for Licensing
Nov.12,2012 IEEE 1901 HD‐PLC chipsets compliant with the new CENELEC EMC standard EN50561‐1 are available in the market
Apr.23,2012 Multiple vendors to supply HD-PLC chipset
Apr.19,2012 Panasonic's HD-PLC Eco for Smart Grid Application Ready for Licensing


Jul.22,2012 The World First IEEE 1901 Full Compliant LSI is Ready for Stamping HD-PLC Logo
Jul.07,2012 HD-PLC Alliance Promotes Joint Certification Program with IGRS for China Market
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