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Member Privileges & ByLaws

Member Levels and Privileges   
   (Partly abstracted from Guidance for admission) 

  Promoter Standard Supporter   (Non-
Place Member's Nessum related products' information on this site   *1
Participate in Working group (WG) / Task group (TG) as a member *1  
Hired as a WG chair  
Participate as an attendee in marketing seminar organized by Alliance  
Participate as a speaker in the seminar *1   *1
Participate in the Alliance's exhibitions activity  (Fee discount might be available) *2  
Preferential reserve of the exhibition space *6 *1  
Access to Nessum Alliance Member dedicated site  *6 *1  
Use varidation/test site*3 for Nessum products  (Usage fee might be discounted for Members) *4  
Eligible to apply Nessum certification test  
Use/display Nessum promotion logo  
Use/Display product certificate logo*5  
Hired as a memer of Steering Committee (SC)  
Anual Fee,      Unit: k [JPY] *9 500 300 0 *10  
*1 :  Possible In case approved particularly by Steering Committee.

*2 :  Conditional, no member-discount.
*3 :  Nessum Test House (Location: 4-1-62 Minoshima, Hakata-Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan).
*4 :  No member-discount.See ByLaws. From the first entry and until the end of the same fiscal year.
*5 :  Required a license agreement concluded with Panasonic Holdings Corp. in advance of using the logo.
*6 :  More preferential access authority for higher membership).
*9 :  Charged in every April per fiscal year (April to March).
*10 :  Please refer to the ByLaws. Effective from the time of first admisstion and until end of the same fiscal year.  
Please refer to the following document, the detail version Chart of Alliance's Member Levels and Privileges.


  Please see the Alliance's ByLaws as below;

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